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Regular manicure

Remove polish, cut & cuticle trim, neck & shoulder massage with Olive or Aloe organic hand lotion, repolish. (35 mins)


OPI tropical scrub and vitamin A&E mask help rejuvenate dry cuticle and smooth the skin, relax with OPI massage cream and neck, head and shoulder massage include heat pad. (40 mins)

Milk & Honey

Exfoliated with original honey sugar scrub, hydrating skin cream with Shea butter and Peach paraffin wraps, relax with head, neck and shoulder massage include heat pad. (45 mins)

Ori Signature Manicure

Soaking your hand with organic Jojoba oil and Epsom salt Fizz ball. Exfoliate your arms and hands with Spa Organic sea salt and moisturize your hand with lavender paraffin deep wax. Finishing off with a long massage creamy Spa Organic cream and shoulder heat pad. (45 mins)

Luxurious Lavender

Soak your hand with organic jojoba oil and Epsom salt. Exfoliate your hand with ME! Bath lavender sugar scrub help banish dry skin cells and wrap your hands in lavender paraffin wax helping your hands moister. Massaging with our ultra rich crème, infused with a patented creamed and oligopeptide blend designed to smooth wrinkles and repair age related skin damage. (45 mins)

Shellac Manicure

Remove polish, cut, shape, and cuticle trim, re polish.
Without neck and shoulder massage!

Shellac Manicure W/massage

Basic manicure. Special essential nutrients hand organic lotion combine with scalp, neck & shoulder massage. (45 mins)


Regular Pedicure

Remove polish, cut, shape, and callus treatment. Dip your feet in paraffin hot wax, and regular massage. (35 mins)
Ask for extra massage if you need it!

Happy Feet

Go with heels treatment with Pro Linc be natural callus remove gel, breaks down calluses in 2 minutes. Your feet will more “happy” with paraffin wax and Orange sugar scrub, and hot towels wrap.

Milk & Honey

(+Gel Color $20)
Milk & Honey Aqua leaves, Honey scrub, butter cream, heels treatment with Pro Linc be natural callus remove gel breaks down calluses in 2 minutes, with CND cucumber heel therapy helps improve elasticity with pantheon and relieves the effects of severe dryness. Hot towels. (45 mins)

ORI Signature

(+Gel Color $20)
Highly recommended this combo
! Luxuriate your feet in detoxifying & cleansing aromatherapy Dead Sea Salt. Perfection for softening and hydrating- Softens the skins with gentle exfoliation & hydrates the skin to restoring moisture with SPA Organic, a natural antiseptic and astringent, helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin. Add on Feet & Hand Lavender Paraffin deep will relax your tire feet! 

Royal Pearl Pedicure (Organic)

(+Gel Color $20)
Pearl powder is a beauty and health secret used for 1000years in Asia. A soak with pearl powder will gently soften and relieve dry skin, exfoliate with sugar scrub effectively buffs away dry skin and surface cells and reveal fresher vibrant skin, rich moisturizer helps restore skin silky texture. Nourishing mask de-stress and soften skin. Enjoy massage with pearl powder cream. Pampers feet with moisture and nourishment while lightly stimulating circulation blood flow. (30 mins)


Luxurious Lavender

(+Gel Color $20)
Soaking luxurious lavender organic detoxifying crystal soak and flowers petals in warm water, naturally hydrating and antioxidant rich Agan oil sugar scrub will reduce calluses and banish dry skin. Lavender warm sensation gel mask help your muscle relax and restore dry skin. Organic massage cream with herbal extracts leaving the skin beautiful radiant. Lavender candle oil and Shea butter, vitamin b5 help muscular dystrophy, rejuvenate skin cell. Massage with hot rocks and moisturizer candle with coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E will help blood flow and Deeping your feet with lavender paraffin wax. Luxurious Lavender smell will clear your mind…so, what you waiting for?  “This is what your feet need doing long-standing at work and for those tire feet”

Extra Services

Gel Polish
French Tip
Reg Polish Change Hands/Toes

(Remove polish, cut, shape, re polish)

Paraffin Wax
Nails Designs
$5 & Up
Extra Massage
Nail Repair
$5 & Up
Nail Removal
Shellac Removal
$5 & Up
Ombre Nails Design
Chrome Nails Design
Extra Length
Shape (Stilleto/Coffin/Almond)

Kid Services

(2-6 years old)


(7-11 years old)

Polish Change

Solar Nails

Color Powder
Color Powder (Refill)
Pink & White
Full set Solar
Refill (Pink/Pink &White)
Solar Refill + Gel color
Solar Full Set + Gel color
SNS (Full set included 10 massage)
SNS (Full set no massage)
SNS (Refill no massage*same color*)


Placenta Sheep or Royal Bee Facial

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, apply a masque, and moisturize. The face, neck, shoulder are massage. As the masque is absorbing, the scalp, hands and arms are also massage. Hot towels are applied to the feet and massage with a hydrating lotion. This is a deeply rewarding facial! (70 mins)

24k Gold or Collagen Facial

This facial also includes a neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage. Warm towels and hot stone are also included during the facial. This facial reduces fine lines, age spots and support elastin. Highly recommended. (60 mins)

Sea Weed or Peeling Facial

This antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage. This    treatment helps Stimulate oxygenation and circulation within the skin, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed.  Special organic product and peel mask to give healthy looking! (45 mins)

Customize Facial (with yogurt &Juice)

Is a custom-blended facial designed exactly for your skin and individual needs. It includes face steaming, a toning massage of the face, scalp, a nourishing masque selected for your skin type (35 mins)

Special Services


Exfoliate-Sea Salt Glow combines with Jojoba, Peach Avocado and Sunflower Oils deep cleansing of the back to remove excess oil and debris, followed by an exfoliation. Lastly, a stress relieving treatment with essential oils and customized masque will leave you relaxed and your skin radiant (+$8.00 for masque)


Combo Eyebrows & Lips
Full Face
$45 & Up
Tint Eyebrows
Tint Eyelashes
Body Waxing
Please ask technician for prices


Full set Silk Lash
1st Week Touch Up
Refill 2nd Weeks
Refill 3rd Weeks
Refill 4th Weeks
Bottom Lash
Refill Bottom Lash
Lash Removal (W/O Service)
Lash Removal (With Service)